Klara uit Hongarije

Klara (grote weergave)

Van begin oktober 2007 tot begin april 2008 deed Klara, een 24-jarig meisje afkomstig uit Pecs- Hongarije, EVS in Heusden-Zolder. Zij werd als vrijwilliger ingezet in de werking van de afdeling welzijn en lokale economie en dan meer specifiek jeugd, maar ook in projecten zoals de 11.11.11–actie, Artikel 27, FairTradeGemeente, , ...

Klara verbleef in een gastgezin in Bolderberg, met ervaring in het ontvangen van jongeren voor een langere tijd, hetzelfde gezin die de vorige EVSer Ralitsa opgevangen heeft.

"I have so many great experience according to my EVS so far, I can't really make a big evaluation. First of all I have to say that everything is quite different. EVS has brought big changes in my life: since I arrived I've been living with a hosting family, going to school every morning, travelling between Bolderberg-Hasselt-Zolder each day. Not to mention that ever of my life I used to live in a city. Now the last bus comes at 20.45. Everybody's asking what tasks I am doing for my project. Well, it's up to me. I wanted to work with fairtrade, and I have choose the right thing: I have already participated in some events, such as 11.11.11, fairtrade showcooking and tasting, made some promotion and leaflets, a fairtrade quiz. One of the first face-to-face experience was to work at the fairtrade cafe @ artikel 27, which is a special exhibition where artists are donating to 11.11.11 through selling ther pieces of art. That time I have only arrived for less than a month, have been studying Nederlands for aroud two weeks. And It was the opening ceremony for the exhibition, a lot of people came, and there were only two volunteers behind the bar, plus an extra dumb one, which was me. By the end of the evening I was not only washing and drying the glasses but almost able to understand all of the orders in Netherlands, counting them up, handling the money (I have never used to work with euros before) thinking in and translating in three languages. I've been trying to speek Netherlands so far, also trying to do as many useful things for my project as possible filling my time with things to remember."


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